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Salt & Oxygen Chamber

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Salt & Oxygen Chamber

High levels of positive ions such as bacteria, viruses, dust and allergens found in our modern day environment have a profound adverse effect on our horses health and can lead to a whole host of ailments which suppress the immune system causing a lack in pulmonary and cardiovascular function and efficiency.  Impaired pulmonary and cardiovascular function increases acidity in the body which in turn damages healthy cells.


Our Sea salt therapy combines medically approved equipment and scientific approaches in treating equine athletes.  We nebulise laboratory tested Dead Sea salt, enriched with magnesium, which is vaporised with de-ironised air at specific rates into the atmosphere within our enclosed facility.  De-ionised oxygenated air has specific properties which are able to eliminate positive ions leaving negatively ionised air which provides the most efficient and effective recovery environment.  The process involves controlled release and ingestion of a complex mix of mineral salts and concentrated negatively ionised oxygen via the respiratory system and skin cells simultaneously.  The health and performance benefits are endless.  Dead Sea salt is 46% potassium, 31% magnesium, 22% sodium and 1% calcium.  Domestic salt (milled salt) is 88% (!) Sodium, 8% magnesium, 2% potassium and 2% calcium. Milled salt can be harsh and aggravate the mucus membrane which is why we have chosen to use Dead Sea Salt instead which is known for its healing properties.


Salt from the Dead Sea with endless benefits. One of the only salt chambers in the UK to not use coarse salt and instead use the higher mineralisation quality salt from the Dead Sea. A purpose built chamber which delivers pure oxygen and salt in mist form from the Dead Sea. Horses find the treatment relaxing and it’s amazing for skin issues, respiratory problems and all round health. When using it for respiratory issues horses ideally need to be worked after the treatment so choose between the arenas, lunge or dry treadmill.


Benefits of the
Salt & Oxygen Treatment

Dead Sea Salt Therapy -  Benefits, alleviate and help with:


  • Allergies

  • Skin conditions

  • Respiratory problems

  • Improve overall condition

  • Anti-inflammatory effect

  • Drug free

  • Boosts energy and endurance levels

  • Replenishes depleted minerals

  • Reduces IAD in young horses and RAD such as heaves, asthma and COPD

  • Reduces IgE levels (immune system oversensitivity)

  • Removes pathogen agents (airbourne pollen) thus reducing histamine which triggers allergies

  • Increases oxygen absorption

  • Hydrates cells pre and post exercise

  • Loosens excessive mucus and speeds up mucocilliary transport

  • Easier breathing, improved cardiovascular performance

  • Helps horse reach peak performance & optimize health in all disciplines

  • Aids recovery after travelling horses

  • Strengthens the equine immune system

  • Helps with skin issues such as eczema, mud fever, ring worm, sweet itch

  • Improves skin condition and shine

  • Boosts performance – better results

  • Shortened recovery time after competition- ‘A horse that had travelled/ been at a competition for 10 hours would generally take 2 days to recover... this is shortened to 3-6 hours with the use of the salt & oxygen chamber’

  • The Dead Sea salt is known for its healing properties. The high magnesium content amongst other minerals, and the lower sodium ratio compared to normal salt, makes the Dead Sea salt extraordinary.

  • Dead Sea Salt and De-Ionised Oxygen Therapy can help alleviate respiratory problems, skin issues and improve performance

  • Nodwood House Equine have a dedicated Salt & Oxygen Chamber. Sealed and rubber matted allowing for optimal use of the equipment.

  • Coloured lights to aid relaxation and aid lung function

  • Viewing window and door

  • Prices from £40 per session

  • Courses of 5 -10 day treatments for chronic conditions available

  • Short stays welcome for both horse & owner

  • Strict bio security and disinfectant protocols in place


Treatment options

Treatment option I: General condition, preparation and recovery:

  • 2 per week for 30 minutes in the salt chamber, followed by 15 minute workout on the treadmill

Treatment Option II: Horses suffering from respiratory conditions such as COPD, asthma, allergies:

  • For horses suffering from more serious conditions, should if possible, have 10 consecutive treatments over 10 days (short stays welcome)

  • These last 30-45 minutes each, followed by light work, if possible

  • After the initial 10 sessions, the treatment should be continued with sessions 2/3 times per week until the condition improves

  • A maintenance plan will need to be arranged in agreement with the treating vet

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