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Horse Race

Wellbeing Services

Salt & Oxygen Chamber

Dead Sea salt, enriched with magnesium which is vaporised at specific rates into our bespoke and purpose built rubber matted chamber.  The chamber has viewing windows and the horses can have a hay net while they are in the chamber.  The health and performance benefits are endless

Dry Treadmill

Easy access dry treadmill on an optional incline to 15 degrees.  Walk & trot mode.

Develop strength & stamina on an even surface ensuring rhythmic strides.

Excellent for returning to work after injury with no additional resistance from water

Combi Therapy Plate

Vibration & PEMF & Weighscales

The plate stimulates healing for improved circulation, recovery, rehabiliation & general wellbeing


Excellent for help with swelling, pain, sprains, strains, bruises, tendinitius, anti-inflammatory, laminitis, healing and disinfection of mud fever and open wounds.  Used for cooling after exercise, tendon strenghening and improved circulation.

Delivered in pods - two legs at a time to hock level.  Saline bubbled water of 2-7 degrees.  Far, far superior results to cold hosing/ other cold treatments.

Cold Lasers

Combined PEMF & Light therapy

For muscular, tendon & ligament injuries

Bumps, bruises, oedemas

Cuts & wounds


Fractures & Splints

Combi Pro Massage Rug & Boots

The rug and boots can help to:

  • Improve muscle tone and overall condition

  • Improve flexibility & suppleness

  • Relax sharp or tense horses

  • Make older horses feel more youthful

Used to treat cold/sore back, sacroilliac, tight hamstrings, stifle problems, suspensory issues, wingalls, poll tightness and tight pectorial muscles

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