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Rehabiliation Services

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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

From cold laser, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, Hydrotherapy, Dry Treadmill on an incline, leading Dead Sea Salt & Oxygen Chamber, PEMF massage rugs, solariums and more.  Nodwood House Equine specialise in post operative care, rehabilitation, return to work and prevention work for elite athletes.

We are experienced in post operative care for kissing spine, neurectomy & fasciotomy, eye surgeries, fractures, bone fragment removal, DDFT injuries, heart issues, neurological conditions, lameness assessments, suspensory injuries and more. Working in collaboration with leading vets, physios, farriers and saddle fitters - it is a holistic team approach, where the horse is at the centre of everything we do.  We are often asked to rehab horses from all parts of the country and clients from abroad also entrust us with their world class horses.

With leading facilities, onsite vet treatment room and trot up areas we are able to do all the necessary follow-up work in one place while it’s a peaceful environment for the horse.  Clients have regular updates via video call and also an online system which they can access and is updated regularly.  Many of our lovely clients also visit in person too, where they are welcomed with a tea or coffee and the Nodwood hospitality! Our clients often go on to be friends and we actively follow the ongoing progress.

We have a large number of very successful case studies and success stories.  Please contact us to discuss and to book an appointment for an in person or virtual viewing.

Salt & Oxygen Treatment

Reducing or eliminating steroids to treat skin conditions with the salt & oxygen treatment.

Also very effective for respiratory issues, lung issues and allergies to pollen and dust

Salt & Oxygen Case Study i.jpg

Salt & Oxygen Treatment

Treating chronic skin conditions

Salt & Oxygen Case Study ii.jpg

Salt & Oxygen Treatment

Treating chronic skin conditions

Salt & Oxygen Case Studt iii.jpg

PEMF, Laser & Hydrotherapy

Treating significant suspensory ligamnet injury

Suspensory Ligament injury Case Study.jpg

Many more client testimonials & case studies available

Please contact us for more information

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